Zen Cart 英文版 v1.3.9e 发布


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Zen Cart 英文版 v1.3.9e 发布

帖子Jack » 2010-07-29 10:29

v1.3.9e 英文版下载:http://www.zen-cart.cn/zen-cart/zen-cart-v1-3-9e-english-version-p-2284

v1.3.9e 主要是增加了补丁,具体如下:

* Fix broken whos-online cart display
* Added removal for "%" symbols in product names when submitting details to PayPal for rare cases where it could cause a transmission error
* Improve search-query syntax to work better when large numbers of subcats are involved
* Fix issues related to incorrectly-URLencoded NOTIFYURL and RETURNURL and CANCELURL params being sent to PayPal
* Added some missing currencies to 3D-Secure lookup facility
* Fixed small error in /editors/.htaccess which caused some problems with TinyMCE addon
* BUGS-135 - When deleting categories, the salemaker_sales table wasn't updated to reflect the removal
* BUGSFORUM-1171 - Advanced search was failing when searching on price and from-price = to-price
* BUGSFORUM-1279 - Line Items not sent to PayPal properly
* BUGSFORUM-1288 - handle occasional overly-url-encoded data received back from PayPal
* BUGSFORUM-1324 - mitigate minor/rare sql injection risk
* BUGSFORUM-1330 - trap cases where submitted session name is illegal (helps mitigate against false-positive PCI scans)
* BUGSFORUM-1343 - explode() expects parameter 2 to be string ... in functions_general.php line 566
* BUGSFORUM-1353 - adjust tax group totals for shipping tax, so that it is not affected by the general ratio discounting method when include_shipping = false, and split tax lines are enabled
* BUGSFORUM-1370 - small syntax error in rarely-used section of email code
* BUGSFORUM-1371 - Clearing quantity field on shopping cart page should be the same as entering "0"
* BUGSFORUM-1378 - fix small error in detection of $this_is_home_page in certain cases
* BUGSFORUM-1362 - fix broken </td> tags in some admin input pages
* BUGSFORUM-1355 - Authorize.Net SIM - checkout_success page doesn't show css or images because of broken base-hrefs
* Fix missing delete from coupon_restrict when products_id or categories_id is removed
* Fix bug where checking for additional images when switch is set to off could cause some excess server load
* Added more order details to the $order_summary array which is passed to checkout-success
* Change system-information lookup to check for availability of exec() function before blindly using it in case it's been disabled by server admin
* Updated spider-detection list
* Added PHP6 support into error-logging util
* note: phpBB setup steps removed from the zc_install screens. One can manually set the phpBB path into configure.php by hand if needing that functionality.
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