Zen Cart v1.5.4 简介


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Zen Cart v1.5.4 简介

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PCI 标准
v1.5.4 正在进行 PA-DSS 认证,正等待 PCI SSC 对材料进行最后的审核,一月底前在他们的网站上列出。

关于旧版本的 PA-DSS 认证介绍
v1.5.3 包括了更强的密码处理和 blowfish 加密,以及其它许多安全、性能和兼容性方面的提升。
v1.5.2 为测试版本,未重新提交正式认证。
v1.5.1 为可选更新,未重新提交正式认证。
v1.5.0 通过 PA-DSS 认证,但认证规格在2013年底过期。

安装 Zen Cart® v1.5.4 最低要求如下:

Zen Cart® v1.5.4 兼容 PHP 5.2.10 到 PHP 5.6,MySQL 5.1 到 5.6
(说明: 使用 PHP 5.3.7 以上版本更安全)
(说明: PHP 5.2.x 和 PHP 5.3.x 已过时,http://www.php.net 不再提供支持... 请尽可能使用 PHP 5.5,对安全和速度都有好处。)
MySQL 5.1 或以上
Apache 2.0 或以上
Apache 设置 AllowOverride 为 'All' 或者至少 'Limit' 和 'Indexes' 参数,最好也有 'Options' 参数。

虽然 Zen Cart® 可以在 Windows/IIS 服务器上运行, 但是最好使用 Linux/Apache 服务器,以获得更好的性能,让购物者有更好的体验。

版本 v1.5.4 的新功能:

CHANGE-714 - Add progressive-enhancement to checkout flow for PCI compliance when card details collected onsite (added ajax infrastructure, and jQuery)
Fix #209 - POODLE protection - Remove SSLv3 mode, to allow autonegotiation


CHANGE-724 - Fix init_cache_key_check.php redirect loop which occurred when the user deletes the /cache/ folder
CHANGE-423 - PayPal Express Checkout - recover funding failure (10486) with "retry" if card is declined
CHANGE-725 - Authorizenet SIM module now hashes x_currency_code
CHANGE-730 - Linkpoint CURL SSL bug triggers PHP Warning: Illegal string offset
CHANGE-731 - Update Authorize.net SIM and AIM to add support for AUD,NZD currencies (now supports USD CAD GBP EUR AUD NZD)
CHANGE-732 - Update Authorize.net SIM and AIM to set defaults for merchant accounts capable of doing POS and Web transactions in one account
CHANGE-733 - Store-pickup module not activating properly for zone restrictions
CHANGE-311 - Data sanity check in admin/customers.php
CHANGE-709 - Refactor logging infrastructure
CHANGE-735 - Fix CSRF in admin profiles for action=delete
CHANGE-736 - Fix CSRF in layout_controllers for action=reset_defaults
CHANGE-737 - Replace hard-coded language text in /admin/orders.php
Fix #136 - Error in html syntax in admin_activity and CSS comment syntax in who's online
Fix #152 - Page not found when incorrect EZPage link remove status
Fix #188 - Remove code comment causing false-positive in security scan
Fix #210 - Fix code dealing with apostrophes in filenames
Fix #215 - Added additional common destinations to curltester script
Fix #221 - Fix Discount Coupon and Shipping Cost
Fix #246 - Fix errors about passwords during zc_install upgrade
ISSUE-82 - (continuation of) Fix odd PHP quirk which triggers fatal error "Allowed memory size of --- bytes exhausted" when accessing SID constant
Optimizations and improvements to various database queries
Fix queries in class.phpbb.php
Fix fmod_round and shopping_cart using (int) on quantity
Backported a PHP 5.4 fix to attributes_controller
zc_install - Fix email validation in zc_install to allow for new domain name TLDs
Fix override of mexico addresses with paypal pro
Substitute gethostname for shell_exec since some hosts disable shell_exec
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